Boon Tong Kee

In 1979, Mr Thian Boon Hua started a small stall in Chinatown serving Cantonese chicken rice. Building upon the popularity of his silky white sauce chicken rice and emphasis on quality service, he rallied his family members to establish Boon Tong Kee’s first restaurant at Balestier Road in 1983. At Boon Tong Kee, chicken, rice, and dipping sauce are served separately and beautifully. The rice is fragrant and not too oily. The chicken is firm yet smooth and tender. The ginger and chilli sauce is a little bit sweet in comparison with its counterparts at other chicken rice places.

Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice

When we order chicken rice at Wee Nam Kee, a fragrant bowl of chicken broth will come first, followed by chicken and rice. The broth is tasty enough to boost your appetite. The chicken is tender and quite lean in comparison with its other counterparts. The rice is fluffy and not too oily.

The combination of chilli sauce, ginger paste, and dark soy sauce makes up a perfect condiment to go with chicken rice. No doubt, this is the thing that makes the chicken rice meal. And Wee Nam Kee is famous for its outstanding sauce, a mixture of spicy chilli sauce, yellow pasty ginger, and silky, thick and less salty dark soy sauce.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

Rice sounds simple, but is the cornerstone of Tian Tian. The rice is cooked in the chicken stock to perfection โ€“ full of flavour and oily as the way Hainanese chicken rice should be. When it comes to chicken rice, peopleโ€™s expectations about the chicken are as equal as the rice. Although the rice at Tian Tian has been praised more than the chicken, diners still find that the chicken is tender, juicy, smooth and flavourful. The chicken itself is pretty bland, but it is intentionally designed to make a good companion to the chilli and dark soy sauces.ย