6 Things About Satorini You Probably Didn’t Know

When you hear the name Santorini, what comes to mind is a beautiful island dotted with crisp white and blue buildings. This is the most famous island in Greece and it captures the heart of anyone that visits. The island is also known as Thera in Greek. It is located in the southern Aegean Sea. It has magnificent sunset and beautiful cobbled streets topped with unique gastronomy. The most popular neighbourhoods on the island are Fira and Oia. There is more about these places on the blog, the best areas to stay in Santorini.

1. Santorini is an active volcano

Scientists have found evidence of at least twelve large eruptions in the last 2000 centuries. The most recent eruption was in 1956 with tremors experienced between 2011 and 2012. The blessing in disguise is that previous volcanic eruptions left Santorini with the most beautiful beaches. There are volcanic red beaches, black sand beaches as well as white rock formations.

2. Santorini has one source of freshwater

The island has a small spring located in a cave behind a small chapel. This spring only provides a small quantity of water. The water, which comes from the only remaining limestone outcrop, is of good. The hotels and homes on the island get their water from a local desalination plant.

3. It’s one of the great wonders of the world

Santorini is one of the great natural wonders of the world. Its main attraction is the rolling landscape and seascape. All these were caused by a volcanic explosion in 1630 BCE. The top of the island was blown off, in the process forming a caldera. Sunsets at Santorini are nothing short of magical. The skies turn to beautiful pink and purple. Most of the hotels offer some of the best views of the sunset over the sea.    

4. Fortifications from the 15th and 16th centuries

During the 15th and 16th centuries, the Cyclades were under threat from pirates. The pirates plundered their harvests, enslaved men and women and sold them in the slave markets. The Cyclades would hide in the small bays on the island. They also built their homes at the highest points that were inaccessible. They had a wall around their homes that formed a protective perimeter around the village. These types of fortification were found all over the island. It protected the islanders. There were small coastal watchtowers, from where a watch was kept and an alarm raised when a pirate ship was sighted.

5. Santorini may be Atlantis

Santorini is made up of a series of islands in the Aegean Sea but only the caldera has a human settlement in the entire world. The island is on an underwater volcano. For this reason, many believe that the island was referenced as Atlantis by Plato. Plato referred to the disappearance of around island. Santorini has a circular outline with a domed island at the centre. According to Plato, this happened during the Minoan Eruption. A devastating tsunami roughed up the Aegean Sea destroying the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete. Luckily, about 30,000 residents evacuated the island before the tsunami struck.

6. Santorini has the best wine

There are more than 18 wineries in Santorini. It is definitely the best place to go for wine tasting. The island has been in the winemaking business for more than 30 centuries. There are over 80 varieties of grapes grown on the island too. Santorini is a windy place; this has made the farmers adopt farming methods that would spare their grapes. The grapes are grown on the ground in bunches rather than on vines. They are also grown with no irrigation; they get all the water from the moisture in the humid air. The volcanic soil and the special climate contribute to the unique character of the island’s wines.