Wonderland Restaurant, Royal Caribbean Cruise

Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine is all about pushing the culinary envelope. Dishes are designed to tantalize your taste buds and present a visual feast. Find crispy crab cones topped with fluffy avocado mousse, gazpacho served with pepper spheres and bread foam, and dreamy desserts that will take your breath away. Pair your meal with cocktails described as “magical” elixirs crafted to deliver full-sensory experiences.

Once you “brush” the menu at Wonderland, you’ll get to choose dishes based on five natural elements — Earth, Sea, Fire, Ice and Sun. If you love spice and smoky flavors, opt for something from the Fire section, like the Buffalo chicken eggs or the crispy Shrimp kataifi with scotch bonnet pepper.

If you’re in the mood for something chilled and refreshing, try the red and white Tuna sashimi or the Oceanic citrus with yuzu granite from the Ice section. You’ll find the heartiest options in the Sea and Earth sections, like Liquid lobster served with bone marrow and caviar, branzino prepared with tamarind spice emulsion, and Berkshire pork belly paired with apples and cracklin.

Chef’s Table, Royal Caribbean Cruise

If you enjoy gourmet fare paired with the finest of wines, then dining at Chef’s Table is an absolute must. Located in an intimate, exclusive enclave within Chops Grille, this private epicurean experience treats you to a five-course, upgraded steakhouse menu and wine tasting. A sommelier pairs every course with wine chosen to enhance your enjoyment of the dish. Showcasing the very best of their culinary offerings, this is a once-in-a-lifetime dining opportunity.

Even though we may have entered into the workforce, one of our bucket list wish is to be able to save up to bring our parents on a fully paid vacation and a cruise was actually a perfect getaway as seniors as well as little children don’t like to walk too much and a cruise has lots of cafes and restaurants where we can sit, eat and drink and if we ever feel tired, our stateroom is just a few minutes walk away.

Cambodia Street Food

Eating fried tarantulas, fried snakes and fried insects has become a popular photo opportunity for tourists in Cambodia. However, these delicacies is in danger of disappearing, thanks to deforestation and over-harvesting.

Vietnam Live Seafood

When coming to a coastal city like Nha Trang, we must try fresh live seafood here. This place is a paradise for seafood lovers and Nha Trang seafood is amazingly tasty. We ordered live lobsters, mud crabs, mantis prawns, sea urchins, flower crabs and clams.

Vietnam Charcoal Steamboat & BBQ

In Vietnam it’s quite easy to end up dining in an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that offers not only an array of classic dishes but also the choice of steamboat or charcoal BBQ. The flaming coconut prawns were awesome.

Puffer Fish Sashimi Fugu, Japan

The Japanese delicacy fugu, or blowfish, is so poisonous that the smallest mistake in its preparation could be fatal. The tetrodotoxin found in fugu is more toxic than cyanide, and each year about 20 people are poisoned from badly prepared fish. It takes a lot of skill and training to prepare the fish safely and know which parts are poisonous. 

The Japanese government tightly control who can prepare fugu, and chefs need to take an extensive exam before they’re legally allowed to serve the fish. This rigorous regulation means that while the fish can be lethal, far more people die from eating oysters than fugu each year. 

All of the skill and training that goes into preparing this fish increases the price. The fish is killed seconds before preparation. And while the process looks gruesome as the muscles continue to spasm, the fish is dead. 

Fugu has a very mild whitefish-like flavor with a pure and clean quality to it. Its taste is subtle which is fairly unique for seafood, and is part of why the dish is sought after. Its texture will vary significantly depending on how it is cooked.

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, Melbourne Australia

A famous fleet of historical trams that have become The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. These glossy, burgundy restaurants on wheels are the first travelling Tramcar Restaurants in the world and ensure a delightful, innovative approach to dining. Gliding along the scenic streets of Melbourne, we get to enjoy a seasonal menu, quality Australian wines or make a selection from the fully stocked bar at an all inclusive price.