When Gem says “I want marry daddy too” we respond by saying “Let’s take an trip overseas and take a family wedding photo together and pretend to have ring exchange” many parents don’t know how to respond to children’s gender sensitivity issues, how we respond to our children may have a great impact on their future growth.

According to surveys, when children have a good impression of the opposite gender for the first time, or have a yearning for “marriage”, and this emotion is accepted and protected by their parents, their future emotional relationship will be smoother.

Parents emotional connection and intimacy with each other can impact their children’s ideal of a future marriage partner, so if you want your child to find a loving, caring, reliable, responsible partner than you have to be that partner to your spouse.

Rich in natural beauty, the picturesque highlands of Nantou County are right in the centre of Taiwan. Surrounded by green hills, The Old England Manor Hotel is a 4-star unique property with a Tudor-style exterior that is an intriguing surprise to find in this part of the world. Complete with a Gothic-style clock tower, the hotel is rich in English artefacts and statues abound throughout the extensive grounds.

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